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By Anderson Dental Center
October 30, 2018
Category: Dental Care
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It is possible for everyone in your family, whether kids, teens, or adults, to visit the same dentist. Imagine the convenience of being able to schedule dental appointments for everyone in the family all at the same location. It is possible to do so with a family dentist. Family dentists treat patients of every age and provide a variety of dental services, including general, restorative, and cosmetic dental procedures. At Anderson & Hoffner Dental Center, Dr. Bill Anderson and Dr. Austin Hoffner are your family dentists in Findlay, OH.

What is a Family Dentist?

One factor that sets family dentists apart is that they treat patients of every age, from toddlers getting their first teeth to mature adults in need of tooth replacement for missing teeth. Family dentists provide general dentistry services, including oral exams and professional cleanings. They also offer a variety of other dental services, from restorative to cosmetic. Your Findlay, OH, family dentist offers a wide range of dental services to meet the needs of everyone in your family.

The Benefits of a Family Dentist

One of the benefits of choosing a family dentist to provide for the dental needs of your entire family is convenience. The convenience of being able to schedule several dental appointments for multiple family members all on the same day and at the same location means you can save time. You will also be able to minimize traveling back and forth to separate appointments on various days and at different locations.

Another benefit of having a family dentist is that your children can continue seeing the same dentist for many years. Children who see a pediatric dentist will need to select a new dentist once they become adults. That is not necessary with a family dentist. By selecting a family dentist your kids can see for years to come, they can continue seeing the dentist with whom they have already rapport and familiarity.

Your family will experience many benefits when you decide to select a family dentist to provide dental care to your entire family. To schedule dental appointments for your family with either Dr. Anderson or Dr. Hoffner, your Findlay, OH, family dentists, call Anderson & Hoffner Dental Center at (419) 424-5850.

By Anderson Dental Center
August 31, 2017
Category: Dental Procedure
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Family dentists offer quality care for your entire clan. Findlay, OH, family dentists Dr. Bill Anderson and Dr. Austin Hoffner, share a few family dentistryreasons that you may want to consider making the switch to a family dentist.

More time for you

You'll need to take more time away from work or your usual activities when you and your kids visit different dentists. If you're like most people, your paid time off is precious. Why waste it on several trips to dentists when one group visit will take care of your family's dental needs?

Excellent care

Unlike dentists who specialize in one age group or one specialty, family dentists see patients of all ages and treat many types of dental issues. They have the skills and expertise needed to provide a variety of dental services, including:

  • Fillings to restore decayed teeth
  • Sealants to prevent cavities in children's molars and pre-molars
  • Gum disease treatment
  • Crowns and bridges to strengthen, repair and replace teeth or improve the way they look
  • Veneers to conceal imperfections in tooth enamel
  • Dentures and dental implants to replace missing teeth
  • Invisalign to straighten crooked teeth and correct bite problems
  • Bonding to repair teeth or improve their appearance
  • Root canal therapy
  • Teeth whitening

When the whole family visits the same dentist, you'll never have to find a new dentist for your child once he or she reaches adulthood. Regular visits to a family dentist help children become more comfortable with the idea of dental visits and treatments.The entire staff at our Findlay office is committed to making dental visits a positive, pleasant experience for young children.

Isn't it about time you made the switch to a family dentist? If you would like to schedule your family's next appointments, call Findlay, OH, family dentists Drs. Bill Anderson and Austin Hoffner at (419) 424-5850.